Protest against IRRI (08/04/00)
Hundreds of Filipino rice farmers protest against the Philippine-based International Rice Reseach Institute (IRRI), home of the ‘Green Revolution’, which was celebrating its 40th anniversary.

First GE crops on UK National Seed List (06/04/00)
Aventis’ T25 fodder maize is about to become the first GE crop to pass the final regulatory hurdle before commercialisation in Britain…

US farmers plant less ge crops (05/04/00)
Results of a Department of Agriculture survey reveal farmers bought significantly less GE seed this year.

2 farmers pull out of genetically engineered field trial (23/03/00)

Britain becomes first country to issue a patent covering cloned human embryos (25/01/00)

Biosafety Protocol on GMO’s signed by 140 countries (01/01/00)

Monsanto announces plans to split up (20/12/99)
Monsanto and US/Swedish pharmacuetical transnational Pharmacia & Upjohn yesterday announced plans to merge.

Kew garden’s Millenium Seed Bank may commit biopiracy in Kenya (14/12/99)

WTO talks end in disagreement (12/12/99)
Ministers from the 135 WTO member states left Seattle without agreeing to continue trade negotiations. The US government has failed for the time being to use the WTO to foist genetically engineered foods on the world.

15th anniversary of Union Carbide gas leak -Bhopal (03/12/99)

Biopiracy in Chiapas, Mexico (01/12/99)
Denounced by Mayan Indigenous Groups. University of Georgia refuses to halt project. Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI) Press release.