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The Plunder of Nature and Knowledge
Vandana Shiva (1997)
Traces the continuity from the European colonization of ‘native’ peoplesÂ… to the present appropriation of the natural resources they need for their physical and cultural survival. Explains the global threat posed by the technological transformations of organisms, cells, and molecules and their exploitation for profit.
ISBN 0-89608-555-4
Between the Lines, Toronto, Canada.

Colonizing the Seed
Friends of the Earth Australia

Excellent critique of industrial agriculture and genetic engineering.

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From the Good Earth
Michael Ableman
Picture book of agriculture from around the world, from the Peruvian colourful market place to the American chemical deserts.
ISBN 0-8109-2517-6
Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
The Food System, A Guide
. (1995)
Provides an overview of the key issues and players in the food industry, from agriculture and food technology, management, retailing, catering and consumer studies, to politics and development.
ISBN 1-85383-277-4
Earthscan Publications Ltd., London