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The Plunder of Nature and Knowledge
Vandana Shiva (1997)
Traces the continuity from the European colonization of 'native' peoples� to the present appropriation of the natural resources they need for their physical and cultural survival. Explains the global threat posed by the technological transformations of organisms, cells, and molecules and their exploitation for profit.
ISBN 0-89608-555-4
Between the Lines, Toronto, Canada.

Colonizing the Seed
Friends of the Earth Australia

Excellent critique of industrial agriculture and genetic engineering.

Available here

From the Good Earth
Michael Ableman
Picture book of agriculture from around the world, from the Peruvian colourful market place to the American chemical deserts.
ISBN 0-8109-2517-6
Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
The Food System, A Guide
. (1995)
Provides an overview of the key issues and players in the food industry, from agriculture and food technology, management, retailing, catering and consumer studies, to politics and development.
ISBN 1-85383-277-4
Earthscan Publications Ltd., London

Genetic Engineering, Dream or Nightmare?
Mae-Wan Ho (1998)
Explores genetic engineering as a bad science, from DNA to Dolly the sheep and from genetically modified food to the alarming rise in antibiotic-resistant disease.
ISBN 1-85860-051-0
Gateway Books, Bath
Lost Crops of the Incas
Report by the Advisory Committee on Technology Innovation, Board on Science and Technology for International Development, National research Council (1989)

About little known plants of the Andes, their qualities and there potential to revolutionize the world's diet.
ISBN 0-309-04264-X
National Academy Press, Washington

The One Straw Revolution
Masanobu Fukuoka
Observes the devastation caused by the 'green revolution', and offers an approach which incorporates a different world view, based on natural systems.
He emphasizes the holistic nature of farming, as opposed to the scientific 'discriminating" approach
The basic principals are no cultivation, no chemical fertilizer, incorporating useful weeds and controlling, rather than eradicating, them, including animals and various manures.

ISBN 0-87857-220-1
Masanobu Fukuoka, Rodale Press, 1978
Overcoming Illusions About Biotechnology
Nicanor Perlas (1994)
Critique of the new agricultural biotechnologies and their impact at an environmental, social, political and ethical level.
ISBN 1-85649-303-2
Zed Books, London.
Permaculture Way
Graham Bell (1992)
Permaculture as a way of life. Shows how to make the most of resources by minimising waste and maximising potential. A good explanation of PC principles, with lots of practical examples in a British climate. Good appendices, including species lists and booklist.
ISBN 0-7225-2568-0
Thorsons, Northampton.
Plants For a Future
Ken Fern (1997)
An exploration of original edible and useful plants, native to Britain, Europe and round the world.
ISBN 1-85623-011-2
Road Back to Nature
Regaining the Paradise Lost
Masanobu Fukuoka (1987)
man's role in the creation of vast deserts and barren lands, and proposes ways to reverse the tide of this ecological devastation.
ISBN 81-85987-01-7
23, Thanikachalam road, Madras, 600 6017
Breed Your Own Vegetable Varieties
Carol Deppe (1993)

Plant breeding guide.

ISBN 0-316-18104-8
Little, Brown and Company, London
Companion Planting
Gertrud Franck (1983)
Companion planting involves the grouping of plants that make good neighbours. It looks into the selection of mutually beneficial plants, the seasonal preparation of suitable beds as well as soil composition, composting, organic pest control and preserving garden.
ISBN 0-7225-0694
The Aquarian Press, London.
Designing and Maintaining your Edible Landscape Naturally
Robert Kourik (1986)
Manual to design aesthetic edible landscape, and all you need to know about gardening. This is a must for those serious gardeners. Chock full of information on design, gardening, soil preparation, pruning, biological controls, combing fruits, flowers, lawns, herbs, vines, and vegies.
ISBN 0-9615848-0-7
Metamorphic Press
The Humanure Handbook
J.C. Jenkins (1994)

A guide to composting human manure
ISBN 0-9644258-4-X
Jenkins Publishing, Grove City
Heirloom Vegetables
Benjamin Watson (1996)
Comprehensive guide featuring more than 500 historic, regional, and ethnic vegetables. Complete instructions on how to select and grow the best varieties for your garden.
ISBN 0-395-70818-4
Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, New York
How to Grow More Vegetables
than you ever thought possible on less land than you can imagine
John Jeavons (1974)
Biointensive gardening techniques.French Intensive method of gardening, good lists of companions plants.
ISBN 0-89815-767-6
Ten Speed Press, Berkley
Living Lightly on the Land, Self Reliance in Food and Medicine
Dan Jason (1998)
Basics to become self reliant in food and medicine. Presents the political issues and practical instructions on how to save seeds.

Salt Spring Seeds,
Box 444, Ganges, Salt Spring Island,
BC, V8K 2W1, Canada.
Can$15 + $2 if not ordered with SSS catalogue
The Natural Way of Farming
Masanobu Fukuoka
The "no-plowing, no-fertilizing, no-weeding, no-pesticides, do-nothing method of natural farming". The idea that people can grow crops is ego-centric. Ultimately it is nature that grows crops. With his do-nothing method he is able to get yields in his rice fields that are equal to the highest yields attained with chemical, do-something agriculture.
Permaculture, A Designers Manual
Bill Molison (1988)

Permaculture is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural habitats. This manual covers concepts, themes and methods of design; understanding patterns; all the different factors involved in designing for site, such as climate, soil water and trees; innovative ideas for the humid tropics, dryland areas, and cool to cold climates; and "Strategies for an alternative global nation" which involves alternative legal, political and financial strategies for facilitating permaculture.

ISBN 0-908228-01-5
Tagari Publications, Australia
Promoting Nature in Cities and Towns
Malcom Emery (1986)
Many people living in cities are deprived of access to open spaces and nature despite the fact that thousand of acres of inner-city land stand vacant and derelict. This practical guide shows you how to create wildlife habitats.
ISBN 0-7099-0970-5 Croom Helm, London
Saving the Seed
Renee Vellve (1992)
traces the decline of crop varieties in European farming and describes what is being done to safeguard genetic reources for the future.
ISBN 1-85383-150-6
Earthscan, London
Seed to Seed
Suzanne Ashworth (1991)
This American book, aimed at beginner to expert and tending toward expert is "a complete seed-saving guide for 160 vegetable crops, with detailed information on each vegetable: botanical classification, flower structure and pollination method, isolation distances, caging and hand-pollination techniques, and proper methods for harvesting, drying, cleaning and storing the seeds." This comprehensive book includes many useful photos and everything suggested has been tried by the author herself. Published by the Seed Savers Exchange, a grassroots network of 8000 gardeners, working together to save heirloom vegetables. In-depth and very useful.
ISBN 0-9613977-7-2
Seed Savers Publications, Decorah
Seed Savers' Handbook
Jeremy Cherfas, Michael and Jude Fanton (1997)
Written for the UK this book is an easy to read, concise, informative, practical, well structured and beautifully presented guide to seed saving for the home gardener. It explains the issues and outlines in detail the practicalities of growing vegetables from home saved seed. Relevant to beginner and expert alike, it includes information on 80 varieties of vegetables and herbs, telling us how and why we should protect our irreplaceable vegetable heritage. Read it!
ISBN 1-899233-01-6
Grover Books, UK
Start with the Soil
Grace Gershuny (1993)
A guide on creating and maintaining soil. Essential read for organic gardening.

ISBN 0-87596-697-7
Rodale Press, Pennsylvania
Urban Permaculture
Davis Watkins (1993)
Permaculture for the house, garden and general lifestyle. Needs updating.
ISBN 1-85623-002-3
Permanent Publications, UK
The Vegetable Garden Displayed
Joy Larkcom (1981)
Traditional gardening technique and how to grow vegetables.

ISDN 0-906603-87-0
The Horticultural Society, London
Sprouts the miracle food - the complete guide to sprouting
Steve Meyerowitz (1997)
A complete guide to sprouting all types of beans, seeds, nuts and grains. Written in an enthusiastic if sometimes slightly repetitive and unstructured way, however all the info is there and it'll get you sprouting.

ISBN 1-878736-04-3
Sproutman publications, NY

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