SURGE against GM crops

Southern Union of Resistance to Genetic Engineering (SURGE) have facilitated a protest against the only GM Farmscale Trial in the South West of England.

The site is 50 acres of maize, split into half glufosinate resistant and half non-GM.

On the 15th of July 2000, 300 people attended the rally at Nether Compton Village Hall, with various speakers including George Monbiot and Luke Anderson, a heartfelt plea to support beekeepers in their fight against Genetic contamination and in the interest of impartiality, a voice to the Grim Reaper speaking on behalf of the bio-tech corporations.

People marched to the GM site, followed by a heavy media presence. On arrival at the field, three Grim Reapers led approximately 100 people onto the site, were decontamination proceeded and an estimated 15% of the crop was destroyed.

The process lasted for about forty-five minutes before police entered the site and arrested seven people, all of whom were released without charge the same evening.

Please bring your strimmers next time,
scythes can only manage so much.

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