Direct action for seed, food and biodiversity


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Guerilla gardening. Ideas, tips and visions for radical and ‘avant’ gardeners.

GE Test site list, find out where your nearest genetically engineered test site is.

Past Events

IMF Prague Summit
Global day of action against the IMF and World Bank in Czech Republic
(26-28 September 2000)

SURGE protest at farmscale trial
Mass rally in Dorset at the site of Farmscale fodder maize trial, Upper Compton. (16th July 2000)

Mayday 2000 global day of action against capitalism. Including a spot of guerrilla gardening in the heart of London.

A16 actions. Mass blockades in Washington DC (USA) to shut down the meetings of the IMF and World Bank. (8-16 April 2000)

Resistance is Fertile a global week of activities against genetically engineered foods to celebrate the diversity of local agriculture. (1-10 April 2000)

Biodevastation 2000 International grassroots gathering on resistance and solutions to genetic engineering, including mass protests. Boston, USA. (24-26 March 2000)

Seeds of resistance, the conference that initiated primal seeds. (6-8 Sept 1999)

Watlington Decontamination, 500 people in a GM farm scale trial… (July 1999)

GM crop squat
; pull up, plant in, take over. (May 1999)

Thanks to the plasterers in manchester for the studio space @ the plastering company