guerrilla gardening

Armed with trowels, seeds, and vision, the idea is to garden everywhere. Anywhere.

An urban adventure at the threshold of nature and culture, taking back our own time and space, transforming the urban desert, into a provider of food and a space where people meet face to face to discuss and participate directly in the remaking of their own towns and cities.


Learning to produce our own food is essential if we are to ever truly take control of our own lives. It liberates us from the role of passive consumer, remote from real decisions, alienated from nature.

It is a step away from the grip of capitalism and the concrete boot on the foot of life.

Growing food requires land. Look around you, it’s everywhere.
If not horizontal, it’s vertical. There is always somewhere.
Your imagination is the limit, railway embankments, back gardens, golf courses, roofs, car parks, overgrown bits, cracks in the pavement. The flower beds in your town centre could be growing your crops, right in the heart of the consumer landscape of burger bars, chain stores and supermarkets.

Guerrilla gardeners are out there now. Why not join them in digging for revolution.

Find out about plants, soil , personal views and examples of gardens.
Continental market: french delicatessen sale directly from the producer
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