Seeds are alive.

“I know that this perfection is only realised through the seeds’ interaction with all aspects of a particular environment – of which the gardener is a major element. The seeds from plants I have grown over the longest time have the greatest vitality and vibrancy – a power I believe has come from our mutual adaption as they become part of a unique micro-climate under my guardianship.

Plants from seed I send out across the continent may be robust, but I know they can become more so when gardeners enter into an enduring relationship with them that allows their growing to be co-creative. Saving our own seed restores agricultural creativity and genius to what was until recent times. Seed saving fosters sustainability by fulfilling a basic need at home, instead of relying on seed companies and governments.”

Dan Jason, Salt Spring Seeds.

Seed is a living link to the past, present and future. Seeds hold energy and knowledge vital to our life-support system. Saving seeds and nuturing plants teaches us about life processes, as we pay attention to cycles and the changing seasons.

Seed is becoming more of a precious resource as access to whole seeds of organic, diverse varieties becomes difficult. Seeds provide a freedom, an autonomy which is being denied by transnational trade agreements, patent laws and terminator technology.

Primal seeds are uncontaminated by corporate science. They are open-pollinated, organic, diverse, whole seeds which give farmers a vital foundation for abundance and self reliance. Breeding your own varieties and participating in seed exchanges is the key to untangling ourselves.

Primal seeds enable us to design agricultural systems which protect the well-being of the planet, while creating long-term food security for local communities.