The monocult

Monocult (from monoculture – one growth)
the cult of uniformity that has enveloped agriculture and our culture as a whole, is sweeping the globe, laying earth bare and denying diversity

In this section you will find…

What Primal Seeds understands by the monocult, and an invitation to seek an alternative vision.

An introduction to the ways corporations control the seed industry.

A focus on corporations use of patent laws to profit from biological diversity and knowledge.

An illustration of biopiracy; rice as a strategic weapon for profit.

How Western governments dictate global trade laws through the World Trade Organisation, and examples of consequences.

A rundown on some of the effects that biotechnology will have to further enforce the chemical industrial practices of monoculture.

And finally a page bringing you the most up-to-date information on the locations of genetic release sites in the UK.

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