untangling ourselves

Monoculture covers Britain.

I do not only refer to the acres of dirt, chemicals and half dead plants they call agriculture but also the system that reigns.

Science that strips life to dna. Government that surrenders responsibility to private interests. Industry that understands ‘value’ and ‘benefit’ as purely economic. We live in a system forgetful of ecological and social benefits. Nevermind cultural value.

We have reached a point where large companies dominate our lives. They are feeding us genetically engineered food. They are selling more poisonous chemicals to spray on the land. They are restricting what types of plants we can sell or even breed.
All for commercial profit.

This is the monocult. Run by machines and no imagination.
So here we are tangled in ecological nightmares and social injustice. To climb out from this mess we need a vision. The alternative to GE food is not organic food. The alternative is localised agriculture based on diversity and community support. This requires a long-term strategy.
How do we untangle ourselves from the monocult?

We start by designing our own lives. Food, our relationship to plants and the life supporting system is a good place to start. We can design systems autonomous from government and private control. It takes personal responsibility and will. Once you’ve got that, you look at how you can contribute to the creation of a local food system, or anarchy in generally. For each of us the steps to living our vision is different.

The groupvine discussion space on this website is a place to share ideas and challenge each other.
How can our ideas work and where can we apply them?

We invite you to contribute.

The more people engage in finding solutions to the problems of loss of biodiversity, deterioration of farmers livelihoods, chemical food on the shelves of supermarkets, and no access to land, the closer we can get to untangling ourselves from ‘the monocult.’