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Rallies were held in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and London on the 30th of April in support of the South African president Thabo Mbeki who has announced that he is to hold an inquiry into the use of the drug AZT (zidovudine, also known as retrovir, ZDV) which is sold as an AIDS treatment. Apparently Mbeki found out about the dangers of AZT on the internet, including information about pending legal cases against AZT manufacturer Glaxo-Wellcome. Many who have experienced the dangers of AZT have used the internet to tell their stories and share information. Mbeki discovered that AZT was first developed as a toxic anti-cancer medication, that it destroys DNA, and itself causes AIDS-type symptoms by destroying the immune system eventually leading to a painful death. The inquiry, which will be held ahead of the July 2000, 13th AIDS Conference in Durban, is to include some of the marginalised scientists that challenge the orthodox view of AIDS.

“Clinical trials of AZT are perhaps the sloppiest and most poorly controlled trials ever to serve as the basis for an FDA drug licensing approvalÂ…causes of death (among volunteers) were never verified. Despite this and a frightening record of toxicity, the FDA approved AZT in record time, granting a treatment (recommendation) in less than five days and full pharmaceutical licensing in less than six months” says Martin Delaney of San Francisco’s Project Inform.

Other AZT studies, which had been done previously, showed a significantly higher death rate for AIDS diagnosed volunteers who were given AZT. Studies supporting AZT’s benefits have been financed by the Wellcome itself and have tended to use inappropriate experimental designs and very short follow-up times. Harry Chernov, a FDA analyst who looked over the pharmacological data on AZT recommended that the drug not be approved for release.

When AZT was approved for sale 1987, Wellcome set the cost of a year’s supply of its “ray of hope” at $10,000 and it’s shared immediately boomed. The potential market worldwide was the approximately 100,000 people living with AIDS. But just over the horizon was a much bigger prospect – millions of people infected with the HIV virus but with no AIDS symptoms. If they could take AZT, it could become one of the great pharmaceutical jackpots. With sales of $2.5 billion AZT is now Glaxo-Wellcome’s second biggest selling drug. Glaxo-Wellcome is in the course of a merger with Smthkline-Beecham that will create the world’s biggest pharmaceutical company, to be named Glaxo-Smithkline.

The orthodox view of AIDS which is used to justify treatment with expensive and life threatening drugs is that people are infected with the HIV virus which over a long period results inevitably in the development of the AIDS syndrome and then death. This assumption does not stand up to investigation; there is no proof that HIV causes AIDS. The variety of symptoms bundled together as AIDS are caused by damage to the immune system. It has long been accepted that chemical poisoning, malnutrition and certain infectious diseases can damage the immune system. Poisoning can be caused by regular use of illegal “hard” drugs and by pharmaceutical drugs including AZT and other AIDS medications, such as DDI produced by Bristol-Myers Squibb.

The most compelling evidence for this is that the millions diagnosed with AIDS in Africa are suffering a completely different set of symptoms than AIDS patients in the US and Europe. African symptoms, weight-loss of 10% or more, chronic diarrhoea and chronic fever, are consistent with malnutrition which is recognised as the single largest source of immune-suppression in the world. Even many of those who accept the HIV causes AIDS hypothesis accept that misdiagnosis is common.

In the US the legal system has even been used to force HIV positive mothers to give their children AZT, even when the children themselves have been HIV negative.

AIDS is one of the biggest frauds of our time, millions have been killed by being given deadly drugs after receiving an HIV-possitive diagnosis. Finally resistance is growing, ACT UP San Francisco have been plastering the city with fliers, spray-painting and staging forums and have reportedly received some fair coverage in local papers.

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